Effective communication is an important factor for social skills, likeability to express one`s views clearly either verbally or in writing, involves a pragmatic approach, as it is a two-way process and involves listening and expressing. Language, values, cultural differences and environmental barriers can affect it. Non-verbal communication and tone are important factors.

Therefore, effective communications are Right words and Pragmatism, Right body language, Active listening and Right tone.

The aspect of teamwork is effective communications, constructive feedback, cooperation and collaboration, goal setting, accountability and finally TRUST.

Negotiation skills – Negotiation involves the ability to listen, respect and consider each other’s views. The parties need to understand each other’s interests. It needs a positive attitude, active listening, trust, effective communications. Aim for mutual agreement and not victory. These are five steps to negotiate, Preparation and planning, Ground rules, clarification and justification, Bargaining and Closure.

Empathy – There are four ground rules of Empathy, (1) The ability to put oneself in the position of the other and perceive the situation as they do, (2) Involves the ability to develop understanding of motives, feelings and behaviour of others,(3) Involves expressing and understanding without giving due weight to one`s perception, and (4) Reduce stress and fosters trust and nourishes interpersonal relationships.