Our Mission

The primary aim we envisioned right from the inception was to assist the under-privileged segment of the society to bag a good and respectable career. There has been a consistent increase in the amount of workforce in recent years, but due to limitations and specific eligibility criteria, these individuals cannot land in their dream career.We are helping the individuals to have their successful career opportunities.

Our Challenges

Sensitizing rural youth about their skill-sets necessary and relevant to the industry.Facilitating the access to such skill acquisition platform with strong planning and execution. Finally leading rural india towards a better and brighter tomorrow.

Our Goal

We at Waymark Invincible Foundation have made it our goal to connect between the two dots and assist the underprivileged individuals finding a competent career. The organisation has competent career counsellors and life skills training experts in Kolkata, to assist the candidates to reach career goals.

Transforming youth by enhancing their skills, values and ethics.