Under cognitive skills, first comes problem-solving, it is the ability to identify, cope with and find solutions to difficult and challenging situations. It focusses on developing an approach to thinking and handling challenging situations. It leads to positive mental health and better social functioning. It increases our confidence which impacts other areas of life.

Decision making – Decision making is the ability to utilize all available information to assess a situation, analyze the advantages and disadvantages and make an informed and personal choice.  One must learn to think, prioritize and understand the consequences before making a decision. Enhances quality of life and better choices lead to better use of time, money and other resources.

Critical and creative thinking – Critical thinking is the ability to think through a situation to make better decisions. It is the logical, sequential disciplined process of rationalizing, analysing, evaluating and interpreting information to make informed decisions. Creative thinking is a novel way of doing things by thinking out of the box. Creative people can devise new ways to carry out tasks, solve problems and meet challenges through their fresh perspectives. Finally, when we are thinking critically, we are making choices and when we think creatively, we are exploring many new ideas and expanding our horizons.