Hello, we are one of the leading organization in eastern India, working on Entrepreneurship development program, Scholarship program with underprivileged students, Growth of Solar energy initiatives & Leadership development program for corporates and so on!

Founded in 2017, Waymark Invincible Foundation is an India based Non-profit company registered under section 8 of Indian Companies Act. Waymark is working exclusively in West Bengal, India but plans to extend operations in other states as well.

The vision for Waymark is Empowered Communities – Peaceful Communities. Our mission is to Transforming lives through sharing of knowledge and enhancing skill for sustainable and safe livelihood.



It is a combination of Self-awareness and Self-Management.



Under Pragyan, first comes problem-solving, it is the ability to identify, cope with



Effective communication is an important factor for Sampark, likeability to express one`s views clearly