A short note about Good Parenting

June 8, 2018

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding fulfilling experiences of our life, but that does not mean it’s easy. In twenty-first century raising a happy healthy child is one of the most challenging job for the parents. Good parenting is about providing a warm secured home life, helping your child to learn the rules of life and to develop self-esteem. It helps to foster empathy, honesty, self-control, cooperation and cheerfulness in your child; also promotes intellectual curiosity, motivations and encourages a desire to achieve.

To be a good parent you need to know how to make your child feel valued and loved while teaching the difference between right and wrong. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to create a nurturing environment where your child feels like he can thrive and develop into confident and independent adult.

There are certain attributes that are generally used to define a good parenting style. It is not discipline or respect but the characteristics that stand out for a good parent are — trust, love, listening and understanding.

Parenting is very important task because children acquire the ability to become responsible and caring citizens of the society from the people who are most intensely involved with them. Parenting is most challenging job for us but it requires little support and recognition from our society.