Few Words on Career Counselling

February 4, 2018


It has been said that the cure for all the problems in the world is Education. Even when it is the cure, it is one of the most challenging concern of the world leaders. Not the education but ‘The Right Education’ is leading to several debates and arguments around the world. With increasing competition at every level be it schools, taking admission in the colleges and Universities as well as for being a part of a job that one wants to do, students are burdened with increased expectations. Current education system although has been designed to bring the best out of the students, yet it in a sense has welcomed several new challenges. Mental anxiety, stress and depression have become quite common among the students and it forces us to think where the education system has gone wrong.

This challenge brings us to think about the gaps in the current education system, and most importantly, the measures that we can take to fill those gaps. From my own experience, I have seen that career counselling can be a perfect answer to fill those gaps in the education system. Globally, career counselling is considered to be an ‘add-on’ to the academic curriculum, however, observing the increasing competition and stress over the students, I personally feel that career counselling should be made an essential element of the curriculum. In fact, it should be readily available for the students starting from the age of 12-13 years till he/she achieves his/her career goals.

We, at Waymark Invincible Foundation, have been working in the field since 2016 and are set on the principle that satisfaction in one’s career leads to satisfaction in life. Also, if a child is motivated to pursue a career in which his capabilities do match, there is a high probability of the child excelling in the field. The vision is to reach out to the students in the region of Eastern and North East India and help them to enter the professional world not for the sake of just earning money, but for the purpose to satisfy their life goals.

This report has been prepared to draw a sketch of the career counselling efforts taken in the region of West Bengal. The report further prioritises the need for career counselling and the measures to be taken to overcome the challenges.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who gave their invaluable inputs for the preparation of this report outlining career counselling specifically in West Bengal. I hope this report shares a bigger platform and is able to create the much-needed attention of career counselling in the targeted region.

Jayanta Ghosh
Founder and Director
Waymark Invincible Foundation