About Waymark

Waymark Invincible Foundation is one of the leading organization from eastern India for empowerment of youth with career guidance and life skills training, registered as a non-profit (section -8 company) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India spearheaded by  Jayanta Ghosh, who incorporated the organization in the memory of his mother with the coined name ‘WAYMARK’ and fulfil his passion of working on empowerment to rural youth of our society with specific life skills training, Like,  Emotional skills, Cognitive skills and Social skills. We deliberately see towards the youth who face hindrance when it comes to selecting the right career path. Self-evolution is essential as all individual does not have the prowess to work on every field, and depending on the characteristic feature, the jobs should be selected. Without this, none of the candidates will be enjoying their work and end up being bored within a few days.

Life skills are a set of skills acquired through learning and direct life experience that used to help individuals and groups effectively handle problems and questions commonly encountered in their daily life.

Emotional Skills

Emotional skills are a combination of Self-awareness and Self-Management.

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Cognitive Skills

Under cognitive skills, first comes problem-solving, it is the ability to identify, cope with

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Social Skills

Effective communication is an important factor for social skills, likeability to express one`s views clearly

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