About Waymark

Waymark Invincible Foundation is one of the leading organization from eastern India for empowerment of youth with career guidance and life skills training, registered as a non-profit (section -8 company) under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India spearheaded by  Jayanta Ghosh, who incorporated the organization in the memory of his mother with the coined name ‘WAYMARK’ and fulfill his passion of working on empowerment to rural  youth of our society. We deliberately see towards the students of 10th and 12th standards who face hindrance when it comes to selecting the right career path. Self-evolution is important as all individual doesn’t have the prowess to work on every field and depending on the characteristic feature, the jobs should be selected. Without this, none of the candidates will be enjoying their work and end up being bored within a few days.The students have a high esteemed motive to reach the top of the success ladder but all they require is the right direction and counseling from efficient experts who have years of expertise in assisting students and guiding them to enlightenment.

Career Awareness

You must be pleased with your career. Hence, you should be aware of the wide range of domains presently available. We are career guidance consultants in Kolkata.

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Life Skills

We make sure that Indian youth learn various life skills to have a sustainable life. We have unique life skills training modules and ensure that people release their true potential and work according to their abilities.

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Career Assessment

We provide the best counselling and support people in selecting their career and educational stream. We work as career consultants in Kolkata, West Bengal and create an all-inclusive idea for you.

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